About Prayrock - Peer to Peer File Transfer Service

Our Story:

We believe in perfect utilisation of time. Few years back, we had to undergo tremendous difficulty in sharing important documents, files to our team members and our partners. This severely affected our workflow. Sometimes tiny things matters a lot. We spent a lot of time in switching between various apps and websites to get our work done and finally found nothing that helped us. At that very moment we thought why not to make a platform that can easily solve this issue for us and for millions of people out there because we believe there’s a more enlightened way to work. Prayrock helps people be organized, stay focussed and get in sync with their teams for an efficient workflow.

About Our Platform:

Prayrock is a free peer to peer and most secured file transfer service that enables you to share files among your friends, relatives or employees for personal use or for business purpose. It's the easiest and best way to share your documents, videos, games to any person residing in any part of the world. There is no size limit for sending and receiving files. You can send unlimited data to any user over your internet connection or broadband network. And above all this platform is absolutely free. You don't need to spend a penny to avail this service.

Few Interesting Questions:

Q. What are the features that make prayrock different from other file sharing websites?

Ans: This is an absolute genuine question and needs to be answered. For an end to end encryption, we have built prayrock to work on peer to peer connection. It means your data is not reaching us in any way and so we won't be able to see what or which type of file you are transferring to the other user. Your security is our top most priority. This makes prayrock the most secured file sharing website. Since we don't have a limit on file size, you can easily send more than 100GB (Depends on device capability) of data to anyone around the world. Sounds interesting! Yes its true.

Q. What are the plans or pricing for using our service?

Ans: As we mentioned above, our platform is based on peer to peer connection, so we are not storing your data in our server or cloud. It means we don't have to bear any server cost. For this reason we are not charging anything from you. Our service is absolutely free.

Q. How to do a file transfer using prayrock?

Ans: To share a file, just open our website https://www.prayrock.com and copy the link using "Copy Link" option and share it to the one with whom you want to transfer your file. Or you can also send them the QR Code and ask them to scan the QR to get connected with you. At a time you can share a file to multiple users. All you need to do is to share the link with them and start sharing the file. As soon as they open prayrock using your link or QR code, just drag and drop the file in your browser and thats all. You will see the file progress on the right side of your screen. Yes it's that simple.

Q. What speed do we get at the time of sending or receiving files?

Ans: Since there is no server involved, the speed you get is what your network provides. If you have a 1gbps connection then you will get 1gbps speed while sending or receiving files. Download and upload at the maximum speed of your connection. You can also send a file from your computer to your mobile or vice-versa over the same network.

Q. How much flexible is the service?

Ans: Our vision is to provide top notch service to our users. We have made this platform entirely mobile compatible. You don't need to install an app to use our service and block your phone storage. Simply open https://www.prayrock.com in any of your mobile browser and start using the service.

Q. What are the details required for registration to avail the service?

Ans: At present, you don't need to register to use prayrock. Simply open https://www.prayrock.com and start sharing your file. No need to login or register.